The NCCF operates as a Foundation Charitable Incorporated Organisation, this means that its only actual members are the board of trustees. The charity still has to hold board meetings and have an Annual General Meeting. On the 13th December 2018  at the Victory Services Club London, The NCCF held its 2018 AGM.

Jeff Liddiatt former chairman
Jeff Liddiatt – Former Chairman and now Treasurer of the NCCF 

Presentations were made on the progress of the various projects within our portfolio of support to the nuclear community, the accounts were reviewed and auditors report considered and plans for the following year agreed.

The meeting was opened by Jeff Liddiatt who, after a short speech thanking all present for supporting him through the creation of the NCCF despite struggling with numerous health issues he formally resigned as the Chairman. Tony Jeffery Trustee accepted the nomination for the Chair and was voted in unanimously. Jeff accepted the position of Treasurer allowing him to continue to serve the community but without the considerable travel commitments of the Chair position. Tracey Morris accepted the position of Secretary.

Tony’s first duty was to present Jeff with an engraved pen purchased by the board members in recognition of his service as Chairman.

The meeting also considered a number of applications to join the board of trustees and the following people will now join the team: Katy Morris, Victoria James and William Long.

The board are still keen to expand their number so if you know someone you believe could become a part of our team please get them to contact us –

One of the main discussions was regarding the introduction of technology and the best way to utilise it to improve the response ability of the CWI Fund and the general running of the organisation.

During 2019 we will be moving to on-line meetings and video conferencing allowing for much more regular contact between Trustees without incurring the cost of travel.