The decision on any application may be subject to an appeal by the applicant. To make an appeal the Applicant must write to the ‘Appeals Officer’ at the NCCF address within six weeks of the date of the decision letter. The Appeal letter must state the grounds for appeal.


CWI Fund

Care Wellbeing and Inclusion Fund (CWI Fund) ‘here to help’


Acceptable Grounds include but may not be limited to:

  • Belief that pertinent facts have not been properly considered
  • New facts or evidence is available
  • The application and decision process has not followed correct procedure
  • The applicant believes that some or all of the Grant Panel know them and that this created bias in their decision.

Appeal without actual grounds will not constitute an appeal

The Review and Appeal Officer will examine all appeals and will be given access to all documentation held regarding the application. The Review and Appeals Officer may talk to the appellant and any or all members of the Grant Panel including BH Associates staff to progress the investigation of the appeal.

The Review and Appeals Officer can make the following findings:

  • The Appeal is rejected: The Appellant will be informed of the findings in writing
  • The Appeal is upheld: The Appellant will be informed and the Grant Panel instructed to reconsider the application including any new information and the Appeal Officers report.


Care Wellbeing and Inclusion for all Nuclear Community Members