CWI Fund Technology-Driven Improvements to Our Service

Our service providers, BH Associates have made great use of the additional time created by the coronavirus restrictions by developing several internet-enabled applications that are set to greatly improve the service we give to our beneficiaries.

Amazing Applications!
Filling in application forms can be a daunting task and we have already partnered with the BNTVA to train some of their volunteers in the application system and form completion. This s enabled them to offer direct assistance to applicants. Building on this, BH Associates developed an app that enables a volunteer to record all the details required for an application, including scans of identity evidence and images illustrating situations. This data is directly compiled on our secure NCCF server and is then processed by the applications management team.

The direct input of data means that our application managers can get an application in front of a grant panel on the same day that it is made! 

Independent Living Assessment Improvements
The breadth and quality of the Independent Living Assessments that we offer to many applicants who are unsure of their needs have also received a major boost. BH Associates have developed an ILA assessment tool that takes the knowledge and skills developed over the past four years to produce a guided assessment process covering all areas of an applicant’s situation. 

The pad-based tool not only controls the structure of the assessment, ensuring every area is methodically reviewed, it also contains a selectable bank of common observations allowing the assessor to quickly define a situation in a standardised format. Images can also be taken using the pads for inclusion within the report.

In providing this structured support the assessor is given more time during the assessment to discuss, explore and understand the needs of the applicant. The data generated by the tool creates an ILA report which is then reviewed by the assessor to add any additional comments and observations.  

The final task of sourcing goods and services to address identified issues have also been addressed within the new system. Building on our established links to key suppliers we are working on including the full range of applicable goods and services into a comprehensive catalogue. This will then enable the assessor to directly select measures which will then be included in the report along with full supplier and costing details.

The final ILA report is then presented to a grant panel giving them a complete picture of the situation, needs, proposed solution options and likely costings in a familiar format they can use to consider the application.

Even More Advances
We have been running grant panels on a remote, as-required basis for some years now. Working under our drive for continuous improvement we have been able to take advantage of some of the new features made available within the Google Workspaces system. The slower ‘Forum’ system previously used did not have an automated notification feature, this meant that it was quite common for new comments from panel members not to be seen by other members unless they directly checked each application conversation in the forum.

We have now adopted a discussion system that actually sits within the grant panel member’s email facility, this presents the user with new comment notifications across all live grant panels and NCCF Boardroom discussions as soon as they log in.

Just some of the things the CWI Fund can help you with

Rise Recliner Chairs
Grab Handles
Grab Handles
Respite Care Breaks
Respite Care Breaks
Adjustable Bed
Adjustable Electric Beds

My CWI Fund
The NCCF wants to reach out to the British Nuclear Community to let them and their carers know, that we are here and ready to help with independent living adaptations, respite care, and innovative measures to improve wellbeing.

If you are resident in the UK and are a Veteran of the British Nuclear Test Programme or you are a veteran’s Spouse, Child, Grandchild or Great-Grandchild and would like to know what help could be available to you? Please contact us.

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