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About exposure magazine

From the very early days of the British Nuclear Test Veterans Association, a newsletter was printed and distributed amongst members, from simple typed and copied sheet through to the creation of the Campaign Magazine it has been the definitive platform for information that nuclear community members turn to for news and information.

When we drew up plans for future projects the Nuclear Community Charity Fund board realised it needed a vehicle to get news and information out to our beneficiaries. We estimate that there are between 100,000 and 140,000 people in the UK who are related to our 3,000 or so surviving Nuclear Test Veterans. Many of these people do not even realise their heritage.

Every day new people find their way to the nuclear community through groups like Fallout. Many of these people have health needs and questions about their heritage. Sadly many have lost the veteran in their family, they are keen to learn what they experienced and to build a connection with their past.

By bringing you this new magazine through our communications project also linking to the developing online museum, we are addressing these issues. Our other research projects will begin to answer some of the medical questions and the Care Wellbeing and Inclusion fund is there to help with today’s problems.

In Exposure you will find editorial sections from the Center for Health Effects of Radiological and Chemical Contamination (CHRC), The Nuclear Community Charity Fund and OBSIVEN, bringing you international nuclear community news.

We are working really hard to make Exposure the success story the nuclear community deserve. Please get in touch and share your stories and memories, put a call out to contact old comrades or to see if anyone remembers your father or grandfather.

Exposure Magazine is provided free of charge to UK based members of the British Nuclear Test Community (Veterans, Spouses and all generations of offspring) for the next three years.  All you need to do is take up the NCCF offer of free three years subscription and the first 1000 members will receive their editions of Exposure without charge.

For non-community members, we only charge for postage so at £10 a year it’s still unbelievable value.

When you have read your copy why not pass it on to your family or amongst your friends. Use it to spread the word and together we can reach those 100 thousand!

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That’s great value to be part of the only organisation delivering quality research and support direct to our community.


The NCCF is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (1173544) with Foundation status it operates solely on a ‘not for profit or commercial gain’ basis