In our May 2019 edition of exposure, we featured the services of the Beyond organisation, the people behind the funeral service comparison website which allows you to look at the differing costs of arranging a funeral with companies in your area.

One of the most common things we find when working with applicants for Care Wellbeing and Inclusion fund support is that they are ‘ringfencing’ considerable sums of money for funeral costs. 

The desire to ensure all our loose ends are tidied to make things as easy as we can for our loved ones is hugely important and often beneficiaries who are struggling with everyday costs are holding four or five thousand pounds aside for their funeral.

Whilst the NCCF allows ringfencing of these expenses from the calculating of your wealth cap many other government bodies and organisations do not. This results in further hardship and additional stress.

Rather than holding a large sum of cash in a bank account to be used against funeral costs, it makes much better financial sense to take out a funeral plan. Fixing your future funeral cost now regardless of future price rises and releasing some of the funds you were sitting on.

On the internet, you will find that the major ‘price comparison sites have a facility to search and compare providers of funeral plans.

There are two main services relating to funeral costs which are as follows.

1  Funeral insurance (over 50s plans)
You’ll sometimes hear these called over 50s plans. You make regular payments to the insurer and they’ll pay out a lump sum when you die.

You don’t have to set it up so that your beneficiary uses the payout to cover funeral costs, but many people do and it’s often what the payout’s used for.

Be wary, you’ll make payments right up until you die, or up to a specified age, so you could pay more than you get back.

If you want to cancel your insurance, you won’t get your money back. Missed payments often terminate policies, and you could lose the money you’ve put in. Make sure you’ve had a good look at the terms and conditions before you take out a plan.

We have come across members of our community who have been paying these insurance policies for many years and have fallen into the trap of not wanting to cancel them as they will lose the money paid in even though they are struggling to keep payments up and have often paid much more into the policy than the amount that will be paid out.

Because of this fact, the NCCF could not recommend this type of arrangement to our beneficiaries.

2  Pre-paid Funeral plan
A pre-paid funeral plan is a stand-alone option for paying for your funeral.

You can either pay in advance in one payment or spread the payments for the plan over a number of months. What’s included varies – some policies simply cover the funeral director’s costs, while others pay for the entire thing, including a plot and the wake.

Cover tends to come in tiers from basic to more premium options. Read all the small print carefully, so you know exactly what’s included.

The earlier in life you take out a pre-paid plan the more likely you are to make a significant saving on the ultimate value of your funeral.

The NCCF has been researching the possibility of making pre-paid funeral plans available to our beneficiaries and during this research, we came across an interesting contemporary, affordable alternative to the traditional funeral option.

Direct Cremation Funerals
A Direct Cremation funeral is where an organisation collects your remains and arranges a private cremation, returning your ashes so that the family can arrange their own celebration of your life. The cost of direct cremation is much lower than traditional cremation making it a very appealing alternative.

Celebration of Life

Our aim is simple. Lead the way as Britain’s specialist direct cremation provider and help positively change how we celebrate the lives of our loved ones.

Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life™ (Col™)

have developed a simple comprehensive Direct Cremation service. 

CoL™ are available 24 hours a day. If you prefer, you can call them in advance to provide some basic information, so when the time comes there is less for loved ones to worry about.

They will collect the deceased from anywhere in Great Britain and take care of them at their mortuary facilities. This includes suitable transport to the crematorium for cremation.

CoL™ take care of everything including the removal of artificial devices such as pacemakers and handling of paperwork. The direct cremation will take place at their trusted partner crematorium and they will let next of kin contacts know the date and time it will take place.

Ashes returned
Delivered on a day that suits the designated contact, usually within 14 days after cremation. Ashes are returned in a biodegradable urn which can be buried or used to scatter in a special location.

Your next of kin are free to gather the people that matter, at a time that suits everyone, to celebrate the life of the loved one in whatever manner has been decided.

A tree planted in memory 
Celebration of Life™ donates to plant a tree with the National Trust ‘Plant a Tree Fund’ for every service they perform. A certificate is provided in memory of your loved one by the National Trust.

Pre-Paid Direct Cremation Funeral Plan Free!

The NCCF has partnered with Celebration of Life™ to offer pre-paid Direct Cremation funeral plans to many of our beneficiaries.

If you are eligible to apply for a pre-paid funeral under the NCCF Celebration of Life™ scheme you will have the assurance and comfort that your funeral needs are satisfied and your loved ones will be able to celebrate your life according to your wishes.  You will also be able to release any savings you were keeping to cover funeral costs and use them to increase your wellbeing.

How Does the Scheme Work?
You complete an initial application form and submit it to the NCCF. We evaluate the form and ensure the current criteria are satisfied. Providing you meet the current criteria you will receive your pre-paid funeral package documentation which will contain all the details of your arrangement and contact instructions to give to your next of kin and or executors.

It really is as simple as that, the NCCF will set up and pay for your pre-paid direct cremation funeral plan through Celebration of Life with no cost to yourself.

Currently, the criteria for receiving an NCCF funded pre-paid direct cremation funeral are as follows:

• British Nuclear Test Veteran
• Resident within Great Britain
• Less than £6,000 in savings and investments
• No current pre-paid funeral plan in place
• Not received compensatory payment relating to test attendance from outside the UK

Depending on how successful the initial uptake of the scheme is we are intending to expand qualification to cover as many members of our community as we are able within the budget projection.

Contact the NCCF today and ask for your Pre-Paid Direct Cremation Funeral Plan Application Form.

Call: 0115 888 3442


If you are not eligible for assistance please feel free to contact them direct on tel: 08001 503555
or visit:

The NCCF have joined the National Free Wills Network Service to offer Free wills to our beneficiaries. See this article for details