Education is one of the core functions of the NCCF and our involvement with the creation of the Centre for the Health Effects of Radiological and Chemical Agents (CHRC) has allowed us to exceed our initial aspirations.

Besides all the research and articles published in Exposure Magazine the CHRC have been busy developing a series of education projects, from articles and features on their website to engagement in the STEM process a wealth of educational knowledge is now available.

If you have not already visited the CHRC website we would urge you to make the trip!
Within the sites Knowledge Hub is a wealth of information specifically developed to clarify and explain the science and research associated with our community experiences. The interactive section on basic information is particularly informative. 

The Knowledge Hub is a unique asset which carries a comprehensive, fact based resource accessible to anyone.  

In education STEM is an acronym which stands for the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM education is the principle of learning STEM subjects through an integrated approach offering hands-on and relevant learning experiences.

In the UK the STEM  vision is to achieve world-leading education for all young people across the nation. Supported by a unique partnership of Government, charitable trusts and employers, they are dedicated to raising young people’s engagement and achievement in STEM subjects and careers.

STEM Impact:

  • Young people from all backgrounds have the aspiration, knowledge and skills to thrive, with more progressing into STEM-related careers
  • Employers can gain access to knowledgeable, talented people with strong STEM skills, increasing productivity, competitiveness and diversity
  • Teachers of STEM subjects continually develop their STEM knowledge and experience, maximising their impact and own job satisfaction
  • Families and communities recognise the value of STEM to young people, encouraging and supporting them in STEM-related studies and careers​.

STEM Achievement:

  • Reach – 100% of UK Secondary Schools, Post 16 and FE Colleges and 75% of Primary Schools
  • Inspire – Over 2 million young people benefit from the 20,000 Teachers taking part in the expert-led, professional learning programmes every year
  • Impact – 90% of young people increase their engagement in STEM after working with STEM Ambassadors.

The CHRC and NCCF are working on the development of a new STEM activity and we will bring you more on this exciting project during 2021 

The CHRC Annual Report can be viewed at