Christmas in 2020 will be as never before. Our letters to Santa will include very different list of gifts that we wish to receive. Yet, I believe that we all should be grateful for shared experience of the last year. 

This Christmas I know my neighbours from our street much better. I started to say thank you to people around me even more often, I appreciate afternoon walks or jogging with greater attention. Yet, this time of the year, I must remind myself that Christmas is not about me or what I can receive, but about others and what can I give, share or contribute.

For instance, finding the old notebook with the names and addresses of my friends and relatives and then, making this personal effort to select and buy appropriate Christmas cards with the message of love. This year I wish to do more than to sign a card with my name. I wish to add a sentence that may put a smile on somebody’s face:  “let’s try to meet up”, “please call when you have a moment”, “I am thinking of you”… The year has brought lots of suffering, worries, tears and isolation, still it has taught me that I take so many things for granted.

My previous busyness and speed of life suddenly lost its pace. Never questioned priorities abruptly fell like the autumn leaves from a tree. It has been the year of a massive change, still a year of a new potential. I hope that also you will see your life as a gift, I pray that you will share that gift with others and that we all will grow in love.

Piotr Ashwin-Siejkowski
Anglican Chaplain at Brunel University London