OBSIVEN takes the next steps in its final evolution into a truly international conduit for all matters relating to contaminated communities across the globe.



Jean-Luc Sans & Nigel Heaps put the final agreement in place to ensure that OBSIVEN can become a truly international conduit for the sharing of information and experience between contaminated communities around the world.

In May we are having meetings with the US Nuclear Veterans and have already sent introductory welcome messages to many other groups.

In line with the CHRC OBSIVEN will evolve to incorporate all types of contamination that can have an impact on genetic composition; Radiological, Chemical and Biological.

Each country will be able to form its own branch of OBSIVEN where representatives of all the different groups in that country can meet.  By forming on an in-country basis each branch can constitute itself independently to be compliant with the rules and regulatory requirements of their home nation.  These groups will then link into an international IT conduit where they will be able to exchange information on Research, Publicity, Litigation and Experiences.

Many governments have worked with each other to share ideas for suppressing our communities and now is the time for us to do the same and hold a light to that dark world of the treatment of contaminated people.