Veterans UK has launched a new online claim service to help people to access injury and illness compensation more easily. Responsible for administering compensation and pensions schemes for both serving personnel, veterans and their families. The new service is part of their commitment to modernising the services provided to the Defence community.

Before launching the service, the Veterans Modernisation Team had to successfully complete a Cabinet Office Beta Assessment and provide evidence to show they had met a 14-point service standard.

How will the new online service help customers?
Although the paper claim form can still be used if customers prefer, the online service has been developed entirely using a ‘user needs’ approach, identifying what users want and need and providing a digital solution. It has the following added benefits for customers:

  • The online form takes less time to complete in comparison to the paper form
  • The online form is more intuitive, meaning it only asks questions relevant to the individual’s claim and is based on previous questions
  • Individuals can submit multiple claims on one application
  • There is an option to save progress and take a break
  • It allows individuals easily upload supporting documents relevant to their claim
  • The online form can be accessed via any internet device, including phones

Our digital transformation and business innovation is fundamentally raising and meeting our customers’ elevated expectations. This vital work elevates the business to a new level of effectiveness, heralding a new culture which is now fundamentally and profoundly changing our people and our processes. The services that the team have developed are agile, enhance the reputation of DBS but most importantly, they are demonstrably improving customer service.

Tom Stewart

The Project
The Project began in 2019 following a review of the current, mostly paper-based, approaches to delivering their services and how digital enhancements could improve the customer experience. The online claim service was one of several initiatives, all of which have been completed including:

  • Reviewing and re-writing the Veterans UK web pages on GOV.UK
  • Providing voice-to-text software for our staff
  • New iPhone technology for our Welfare Staff
  • Introducing file barcoding and scanning/tracking service

DBS passed an Alpha assessment in July 2020 and have recently completed the Beta Assessment which involved producing 120 slides of evidence, a four-hour interview with an independent panel outside of DBS and giving evidence to illustrate responses. 

This challenging assessment process ensures important Government transaction services are fit for purpose and DBS is delighted to have passed all required stages to be able to officially launch the digital form. 

This achievement would not have been possible without the many DBS teams and individuals involved. Special thanks are also given to the charities and 1400 customers who volunteered to help.

You can access the new service at: