In line with current Government levels, the cap for support involving people in receipt of Old Age Pension has now been raised from £10 to £16k. 

The fund will still consider applications from people who are above this wealth cap, dependent on ring-fencing of the additional monies for essential commitments such as funeral costs. The cap for people below pension age remains at £6k. We anticipate this will yield a significant increase in the number of people the fund can help as we recover from the pandemic and life returns to normal.

The Easy Way To Access CWI Fund Help

The NCCF has launched a pilot scheme to help members of the British Nuclear Survivor Community access support from their Care Wellbeing and Inclusion Fund.

Any Nuclear Veteran, Spouse or offspring can simply pick up the phone or send an email and ask for ‘Help’. The only condition is that your disposable income and savings are under the Wealth Cap.

No paperwork needs to be completed as we will either arrange a visit or telephone consultation to discuss what could be done for you. We will still require information on your savings, income and expenditure but this will all be discussed in the review.

During the review, we will also discuss what kind of support the NCCF could give you, very often people are unsure of all the things available so we will guide you through. If we feel an Independent Living Assessment or Occupational Therapist Assessment is required we will also discuss this with you.

We hope this pilot will encourage those who find difficulty completing forms to come forward.

It’s Not All About Financial Help

Over the years running the CWI Fund we have encountered several beneficiaries who simply needed help accessing support from other organisations.

We have written to Healthcare providers, Councils and Charities on behalf of our community members, supporting their access to services and signposting them to the best places to address their needs.

We have now started keeping a record of this kind of assistance, we just used to get on with it in the past but it does represent the additional support the NCCF gives to its beneficiaries and so we have now introduced a basic record-keeping system that will facilitate the tracking and review of this activity.

If you are having issues accessing public services or dealing with bureaucracy please get in touch as we may be able to help.

Make your application today:

Telephone: 0115 888 3442

Or write to:

PO Box 8244
Castle Donington
DE74 2BY