As in the last issue, we have received a letter of thanks from a beneficiary to the NCCF, we will publish more of these as we receive them. Find out about people we help with the fund.

We always keep beneficiaries identities confidential, even our Grant Panel does not know the names of those they help.


A beneficiary writes…

Dear Nigel

Please can you pass on our sincere thanks to all members of the NCCF as without your help we would be writing a very different story today .

After being diagnosed with Cancer in August last year, and being one of the most difficult and painful cancers to treat,  your Charity stepped up to help us financially when the Government failed us.

Without the help of the Charity my Family and I would have definitely been made homeless, due to myself and my wife not being able to work.

My Wife was unable to work due to caring for me and taking me daily for my Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy which some days would be a total of 10 hours per day as we had to travel a fair distance for treatment too.

With the help of the NCCF you eased the financial stress which enabled us to cope with the everyday treatment and the side effects a little more easier.

Whilst I am still recovering from the effects of the treatment,  I am ecstatic to say, was successful. It is without doubt we were able to get through this difficult time due to your help and support. There are no words to describe our heartfelt gratitude but please accept this letter of thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Your sincerely

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