The Care Wellbeing and Inclusion fund were approached by the daughter of a Christmas Island RAF Veteran, She had serious mobility issues due to the musculoskeletal problems she suffers.

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Care Wellbeing and Inclusion Fund (CWI Fund) ‘here to help’

At 50 years old she has the joints of an 80 year old and struggles daily with mobility issues. Despite this and like many of our community members she is fiercely independent and determined to stay in work as long as she can.

“I work as a carer for people with mental disabilities living in the community, I love my work and seeing the difference caring for someone who would otherwise be excluded can make. I do struggle especially at home I could not bathe without the support of my husband. Sitting and sleeping were very painful experiences as was driving. The cumulative effect was to wear me down and make life seem like one long grind.”

“I could see no end in sight, every day was a struggle and I was just not getting proper rest. I am not a BNTVA member but I did see on Facebook about possible help from the NCCF so I contacted them.”

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Specifically designed wetroom

We sent an application form straight out and from the information that came back, it was apparent that the applicant would benefit from specialist examination and advice regarding her daily living needs.

The NCCF has an arrangement with The OT Practise, a private organisation that provides fully qualified Occupational Therapist assessments across the UK. We arranged for an OT visit and aside from using the report and recommendations to inform the decision-making process on the Grant Panel, we provide the applicant with a copy.

“The OT was really helpful she booked a home visit with me and looked at everything I do during the day from getting in and out of bed, using the bathroom, preparing meals, doing housework, sitting relaxing and driving. Her advice and report were amazing, she showed me ways to do things that really eased the pain. The adaptations she recommended have made a huge difference to the quality of my life.”

“The biggest shock was that the OT informed me I was fully entitled to a blue badge, I never even thought of applying for one, but I took the OT report to my GP and it was all sorted in next to no time.”

We put the OT recommendations to the Grant Panel and they agreed to the funding. A car seat insert, special perching stool for the kitchen, a riser recliner chair for resting in the front room, a profiling bed and the conversion of a downstairs toilet and old coal house into a wet room.

Using our contacts in the industry we were able to source the required equipment and very soon everything was being installed. Where building works are required we usually ask the applicant to obtain three quotes from reputable companies. We listen to the applicant as to which company they felt most at ease with and wherever possible look to let the contract to them.

“I can not believe how easy this has all been, The form looked a bit daunting at first but once you start to fill it out it’s quite straightforward. The team that review the applications and sort out all the things are great and really supportive, they worked to make sure the Grant Panel had a clear picture of my situation, arranged the OT assessment and made sure I was happy with all the work that had been done.”

“I’m now much better because a lot of the fatigue has gone, I can do my job with renewed energy and my life has certainly changed thanks to the help I have received.”

Applications to the NCCF are completely in confidence, the Grant Panel members do not know the identity of the applications they process, every case is judged on its individual merit.

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