New Memorial Stones

After the great success of the unveiling and rededication of the new memorial stones at the National Memorial Arboretum, we were approached by a number of people asking if they could have a plaque placed onto the stones to remember their loved ones. We are pleased to announce that we are offering this service.


The new memorial features the plaques that were taken from the old benches that used to be on the site, which are now installed onto the back on the centre stone, leaving space for additional plaques.

We have sourced a plaque supplier who will supply us individual plaques at a cost of £28 each. The NCCF will pay for our stonemason to visit the NMA and install the plaques onto the back of the stone on a quarterly basis depending on the demand.

Plaque Size

If you would like to have a plaque mounted on the memorial please call the
NCCF on: 01158 883 442 or email: