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Care Wellbeing and Inclusion Fund (CWI Fund) ‘here to help’

No matter what you are struggling with there is probably something the NCCF can do for you. Thanks to our new streamlined application process we can usually get a decision from the Grant Panel within 14 days, less if it is an urgent need.

From the outset, the Care and Wellbeing fund was designed to reduce suffering and increase wellbeing across the entire British Nuclear Test Community. This specifically includes Veterans, Spouses their children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren and following generations.

This was a key requirement in the negotiations that created the Aged Veterans Fund and was fully agreed during the awarding of both grants. 

Grant Requirements
There are very few requirements to receive support from the fund:

  • You must be a British Nuclear Test Veteran, spouse or genetic descendant
  • Your application must address the reduction of suffering and increase wellbeing
  • You can not easily afford the requested support.

Application Form
We have just introduced a new simplified application form, you will find a copy included with this edition of Exposure. The form helps identify the three key grant requirements and is very easy to complete. If we need further information we will contact you, this is usually to ensure we are doing everything possible to address your issues.

Identifying Suffering
Suffering can be caused by many factors and is not limited to physical or mental illness.  Social isolation, Continued exposure to stressful situations, sudden unexpected changes in circumstances are amongst some of the many things that can cause suffering. 

Identifying Measures
You may already know what you need to address your situation and that’s great but often we find people who have sought help from us are unsure, luckily we have gained a reasonable experience in identifying measures to address various problems. We have access to manufacturers and suppliers of disabled living adaptations, Occupational Therapist Assessments, Support and counselling services and many other innovative options like respite breaks.

The Wealth Question
This is a straightforward check: Can you easily afford to fund the addressing of your suffering? This is a very reasonable question.
All charitable support to the ex-forces community is subject to financial scrutiny and ‘means testing’ and the NCCF is no different. The charity has an implicit responsibility to ensure all its activities are in support of the
public good.

Basically we look at your free savings, this is any savings over your ‘personal allowance’ you have that are not allocated to things like paying for your funeral or planned property costs or other important events. The Personal Allowance is based on the Government set levels for receiving benefits and these are £6,000 or £10,000 if you are in receipt of a pension. We provided some worked examples of this check-in a previous edition of Exposure and you can read them online by visiting: 

What Next
Even if you are not sure exactly what help you may need, complete the form that came with this magazine as best you can and send it to us. Our aim is to ensure that as many people receive help as possible.

If you are still unsure just give us a call or send a letter or email.

Write to: 
PO BOX 8244
Castle Donington
DE74 2BY

Call: 0115 8883442
Or email: