COVID 19 impact and new Risk Assessment 
Following the success of our last edition getting much-needed government advice out to our vulnerable beneficiaries we have had to adapt our operations further to the Covid19 situation.

We have completed a Covid19 Risk Assessment across all our areas of activity to ensure we can continue to function as fully as possible whilst maximising the safety of Beneficiaries, Trustees, Contractors and Volunteers.

Unless Government advice changes from the 1st of August we will be recommencing Independent Living Assessments for potential beneficiaries. This will involve a Case Worker entering into peoples properties but the strict set of measures we have developed will minimise the risk of infection as far as is reasonably practicable.

We have ensured that contractors are aware of our Risk Assessment and that they have implemented practices that comply with our standards as a minimum.

Greater use of video conferencing is being made within the organisation which also helps reduce personal contact. We will continue to review activities inline with Government guidance and the evolving situation.

On line grant panel system a great success
During 2019 we made several enhancements to the Grant Panel process, streamlining the process, simplifying application forms and using alternative methods of discussing and reviewing applications.

This work culminated in a workshop discussion during December where the final touches were made addressing what we saw as the final pitfalls of our systems. 

We are now pleased to announce that the new systems are fully rolled out and waiting for your applications! 

If you would like to make an application for support or for an Independent Living Review to see what assistance could be provided please contact us:

Call: 0115 8883442

Or write to:
PO Box 8244
Castle Donington
DE74 2BY

or visit our website:

Independent Living Assessments
We have made a number of changes to our assessment process. We found that we were paying for far too much additional information with the Occupational Therapy reports we commissioned for some potential beneficiaries. All we need to know is what independent living adaptations and or social inclusion measures would benefit them. 

We have now launched our Independent Living Assessment system where a trained assessor will visit and work with you to identify all measures and adaptations that could be provided to reduce your suffering and increase your wellbeing. 

Being targeted on the charity’s provisions, these ILA’s are more specific and more economic, allowing us to offer them out to many more potential beneficiaries. Because the ILA Case Worker is contracted directly to the NCCF they can discuss your application for support in-depth and ensure all the details required by the Grant Panel to make their decision are correct. This will reduce confusion and stress in beneficiaries and increase the ability of the NCCF to provide a holistic response to your needs.

Approved Contractor Team
Over the years running the Care Wellbeing and Inclusion Fund we have often encountered issues identifying suitable local contractors to undertake work we are funding on behalf of beneficiaries. On some occasions, this has led to additional stress for beneficiaries and on one particular provision, we had to engage a further contractor to conduct significant remedial work.

This is not a situation we wish to encounter, we believe our provision of goods and services should be professional and proficient. To try and reduce the potential of these issues developing in the future we have identified the key work areas where we have encountered problems in the past and have recruited specific contractors so we can be sure of their work standards.

This service launched just as ‘lockdown’ began but we have already used our new teams on a number of outdoor provisions. The feedback from the beneficiaries has been excellent and we look forward to increasing this style of provision in the future.

All contractors are inducted into the NCCF CWI Fund so they are aware of the needs and issues of our community. They are checked under the Vetting and Barring Scheme and like our Case Workers are issued with a unique NCCF Photographic Identity Card.

NCCF Identity Cards
As part of our commitment to Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons, we have introduced photographic identity cards which will be carried by all our Trustees, Contractors and Care Workers. These cards have a picture of the holder, their name and status detail. Also on the card is a unique ID number which can be verified either through the internet or over the phone. When an appointment is made you will receive either a letter or email advising of the person’s unique ID number and name. You will be able to check this with them when they visit.

Closer Working with other charities 
The NCCF continues its drive to work more closely with other charities within the Nuclear Survivor Community. The use of SSAFA Support Workers and Age-UK’s befriending service continues to add value to our solutions for beneficiaries. We are working hard on this matter and hope to make announcements of a number of new initiatives to launch in 2021.