Hi, my name is Ian Hall and I’ve been involved with Nuclear Veterans charities for around 10 years.

My father, John Hall, who was from Burnhope, Co Durham, was an RAF Ground Crewman in the 76 Squadron and he witnessed Operation Grapple Y on Christmas Island in 1958 aged just 19. Years later he and my mother, Marilyn, answered an advert in the local paper in the mid 1980’s and joined a group of Nuclear Veterans in the East Midlands. In the late 1980’s my father became ill and was diagnosed with a rare form of Hairy cell leukaemia. At one of his first appointments, the doctor had asked if he’d ever been in contact with radiation. Despite years of Chemotherapy, he passed away in 1992. My mother continued to work with the group for many years and as numbers dwindled descendants were actively encouraged to join. 

Whilst with the old national BNTVA I occupied a number of roles including running the shop, looking after the post and responding to phone line. Over the years I’ve gotten to know many veterans, their families and also other trustees who have taken a great interest in those involved within the Nuclear community. Many have devoted many hours, weeks, months and even years to promoting awareness of Nuclear Veterans and their families and assisting those suffering from events many years ago. I share those aims and would like to contribute to the NCCF achieving those goals. I have recently been elected as the next treasurer.

As for me, I’m a 50yr old warehouse manager from Leicester and my partner is Sue. I’m a huge sports fan and particularly follow Leicester City, Leicester Tigers and the England cricket team. I love quizzes, both setting and taking part and I’m also captain of a long alley Skittles team.