Changes to the Care Wellbeing and Inclusion Fund implemented

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Following the removal of Alan Owen from the NCCF Board of Trustees it was felt that a completely independent approach to Reviews and Appeals could reduce the future potential for conflicts of responsibility.


Richard Hyde is the newly appointed reviews and appeals officer. He is not a trustee of the NCCF nor of any charity that operates in the beneficiary pool as the NCCF, He does not sit on the Grant Panel and thus comes to each review or appeal with an untainted fresh view.

“I am a retired Solicitor who became one in 1977. I specialised exclusively in litigation, working since 1972 in City of London firms , as a partner in a former firm in Ipswich which had offices across the country and for 6 years in a “high street” firm Whilst my major area of work has been in personal injuries, both for those injured and the insurers of those causing the injuries.. I dealt also with property based claims that involved understanding civil and structural engineering and other technical expertise.

The work in personal injuries covered accidents at work, industrial disease and road traffic caused accidents. This involved running major cases where the injured person died or was paralysed; many of the cases led to compensation that was well in excess of a million pounds.

Prior to retirement I was involved in the Atomic Veterans Litigation on behalf of the former service men including the appeal to the Supreme Court.

On a personal note, for my pains I am an Aston Villa fan. I currently live in Suffolk though born in Birmingham.”

Richard Hyde

The Reviews and Appeals officer can access all records relating to any application to the Care Wellbeing and Inclusion Fund. They can question both Trustees and contractors to establish exactly how an application has been processed, considered and managed. Then they produce a report detailing any issues or potential improvements that could be made. The report will be presented to the Trustees giving them the necessary information to make changes for a better service to our beneficiaries.

As well as reviewing cases Richard will investigate appeals from potential beneficiaries who believe the fund has not correctly processed their application, full details of the appeal process are given in this article.

This is an essential independent role to drive continual improvement within the organisation for the benefit of the people we help.

Contact details:

Reviews and Appeals
PO Box 8244
Castle Donington
DE74 2BY