When the editorial team at Exposure Magazine approached former National Standard Bearer Terry Washington for permission to use an image of him at the Manchester Memorial in the new magazine he had no idea that it would feature on the front cover of the Premiere edition.


Terry Washington

Terry Washington holding his framed magazine cover © BH Associates


“I opened the envelope and was completely taken aback, It was me! I am so proud I really wish my father could have seen this”

Terry Washington


Terry recounted the moment he saw himself on the cover of exposure magazine to Nigel and Steve on a recent visit.

The communications project led magazine’s first edition was well received and many of you have signed up to continue receiving the publication.

In fact there have been less than 15 people deciding to opt out of future editions!

To celebrate the launch of the magazine BH Associates have produced a poster sized copy of the front page. The first person to receive one of these limited edition prints was Terry Washington, Nigel and Steve visited Terry at his home on a lovely summer morning to present the framed print in person.

We spent a few hours visiting Terry and looked through the many items of memorabilia of his families long military association. Terry is rightfully proud of the service given to the nation and also to have stood beside those veterans who have passed between the two dedications of the Manchester Memorial.