It has been a week since the initial publication of Exposure Magazine began arriving through letterboxes and the online site was launched.

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What a week that has been!  The praise for the quality and depth of the new magazine has come from all corners; Members of the British Nuclear Community, Academics, Politicians, Activists, International Nuclear Community representatives the messages keep rolling in.

The number of visitors reaching our site and the depth of their engagement shows just how informative and engaging Exposure really is.  Packed with informative articles covering the full spectrum of the Nuclear Community Charity Fund activities, the only news source for all this information.

We send Exposure Magazine out free to members of the British Nuclear Community who join the NCCF.  You can join the NCCF HERE

The NCCF has sent out Opt-in forms with the posted copy of the magazine and their office is now filling with all the returns.  If you have not sent your opt-in form back yet do not panic there is plenty of time to signup to keep receiving news and information from the NCCF and your free copies of Exposure Magazine