The Government has published details on how to apply for the commemorative medal

For any Veteran or family member who wants to apply for the Commemorative Nuclear Medal the link to the government site is here:

Here is a link to a statement made today by Johnny Mercer MP (Minister for Veterans Affairs) on the Nuclear test medal eligibility criteria. He states that “The full eligibility criteria will be published today on GOV.UK together with information on how veterans, civilians and their next of kin can apply”.

Here is the eligibility criteria information on the government website:,between%201952%20and%201967%20inclusive.

He also states “With regard to the design of the Medal, the Royal Mint Advisory Committee has commissioned designs and will present their recommendations in April 2023. Following approval of the design by His Majesty The King, we expect the first medals to be available for award by late summer 2023. Priority will be given to those veterans and civilians applying for their own medal.”

If more information is published by the government we will update this article, and publish it in the next exposure magazine for those who don’t have access to social media or the internet.