In May the new BNTVA held a conference at the Grand Atlantic Hotel in Weston Super Mare.

Obsiven Meeting

Representatives of the American NAAV, the French AVEN and the NCCF meet for the first OBSIVEN meeting.


Although the attendance was lower than previous years the event still presented a good opportunity for the NCCF to connect with veterans and their families to inform them of the different projects we are delivering within the British Nuclear Test Survivor Community.

Presentations were given to the BNTVA attendees on the Genetic and Cytogenetic research project carried out by Brunel University London along with other projects deriving from the Centre for the Health Effects of Radiological and Chemical Agents.

The research projects have only been made possible by the funding managed by the NCCF from the Aged Veterans Fund grants.

Aside from the presentations to the conference two exhibitions were made available to the guests. The first showcased the CHRC work allowing individuals direct contact with the researchers and CHRC staff. The second was the Care Wellbeing and Inclusion Fund, where visitors learnt about the many different ways the fund can help increase wellbeing amongst our beneficiary community.

The level of interest and enquiries about the fund made the event worthwhile and we have now made a number of grants to people who first contacted us at the event.

We were also really pleased with the response to Exposure from the visitors. We received many encouraging comments and congratulations about the content and quality of our magazine.

Visiting events like this is a good way for the NCCF to connect with potential beneficiaries and having secured funding for at least the next 15 years we will be around for many years to come.

NCCF Roadshow - Rhona

Dr Rhona Anderson discussing projects currently being undertaken at CHRC, Brunel University London


Nccf Roadshow - Julie Whittaker

CHRC Manager Julie Whittaker meets attendees at the roadshow


Fred Keith Tony

Left: Fred Schafer NAAV National Commander    Middle: Keith Kiefer NAAV National Vice Commander   Right: Tony Bristow


Jeff and Nigel

Jeff Liddiatt, NCCF Chairman and left and Nigel Heaps, Portfolio Manager speak to attendees at the roadshow


Nigel Heaps with attendees

Nigel Heaps with attendees