The Life and Times of a Nuclear Test Cloud-Chaser – John Folkes

My book Silent Tears is a true story never told before born out of my personal experience as a nuclear cloud chaser during the 1956 British nuclear trials in South Australia at a testing site in a remote desert area called Maralinga.

For many years I have had thoughts of guilt about surviving where so many innocent tri-service young men did not, and has played on my mind ever since. Silent Tears is a modest record compared to the scale of the operation but is a voice for the many who have not lived to tell the tale for themselves of the harmful radiation exposure they were subjected to and the subsequent health issues they and in many cases, their family has suffered and died from.

It is in their memory and unrecognised service to their Country that I dedicate this book Silent Tears.

John Folkes

Johns’s book was published on the 24th of October 2022 and is available from Amazon: 
Silent Tears: The Life and Times of a Nuclear Test Cloud-Chaser

Paperback – £9.99
Kindle e-book – £5.99

ISBN 978-1800944299