The Genetic and Cytogenetic Family Trio (GCFT) study remains an active body of work being undertaken by the CHRC. As many of you are aware, the study seeks to examine if there is any evidence to support there being a genetic legacy from participation at historical British nuclear test sites.

As previously highlighted, peer-reviewed manuscripts of parts of this study are being published (see below) and are also being made available in different formats through We anticipate publication of further work, including those involving chromosomal analysis of veterans, to take place through 2023. 

As part of the GCFT Study (previously known as Chromosomal study), we invited veterans who originally provided a blood sample, to provide a urine sample for the purpose of assessing for long-lived radionuclides that may be present in the body. The reason why we requested this is because veterans who were present at nuclear testing sites may have internalised radionuclides or other elements associated with nuclear testing within their bodies to the present day. If present, then bodily excretion of such atoms may be measurable by analysing the urine of veterans. 

I am pleased to say we have now received all of the samples and they are currently being processed for analysis. Please note, as with the other parts of the study, we will not be reporting back to individuals who have taken part, but the results will form part of future publications which we can share after they have gone through the scientific peer review process.

We would like to say a big thank you to all those who have participated in all parts of the GCFT study by providing blood samples and to all those who have recently supported us by providing urine samples. We are truly grateful to all of you for your time and patience.  

I would like to finish by wishing you all well and reminding you of our publications (below) and the ‘Basic Information’ series which is available as either flip-books or interactive versions, through our Knowledge Hub page on our website:

Thank you again to all our volunteers who have contributed to all of our projects and published works. CHRC staff are contactable via email at: 

To read the lay summaries and links to the published papers on the outcomes of our most recent studies. 

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Dr Rhona Anderson, Director, CHRC