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Meeting at the end of July, the NCCF Board of Trustees reviewed the proposed 2019 introduction of a £10 per year membership fee. We are pleased to announce that this fee is waived for the first 1000 subscribers! Not just free for the first year but free for the next three!!

That’s no membership subscription for the first 1000 members until at least 2021!!!

The new General Data Protection Regulations mean that we need your approval to keep sending you our magazine.


The NCCF is fully compliant with these regulations.

What do you need to do to ensure you keep receiving both Exposure Magazine and Information from the NCCF?

If you are on-line or have a relative who can get on-line for you the easiest way is to type the following web address into a browser and complete the form    www.thenccf.org/join

When you complete the form you have a number of options where you can select to receive free news and information direct from the NCCF, You can also elect to subscribe to the NCCF to receive your copy of exposure magazine.

If you are not on-line simply write or call us and we will send you the form needed for your free subscription.

Write to:

PO Box 8244
Castle Donington
DE74 2BY

Or call: 0115 8883442

The NCCF need your details so that we can contact you direct especially about community events we may be organising in your area or additional support that may be available to you from other charities engaged in the Aged Veterans Fund.

Make your choice ‘OPT-IN’ and be a part of our fantastic community.