I am recently retired from the Home Office, after 32 years of service. During my career, I held a number of senior management posts with responsibility for large numbers of technical law enforcement staff, and as primary budget holder for national programmes of training delivery.

I chose HM Civil service as a career because I aspired to provide a meaningful contribution to the safety, security and welfare of the citizens of the UK. I have always held very strong views about the potential menace of drugs, firearms, and other dangerous items to our society, and I joined the Customs and Excise Preventive wing, to fulfil this aspiration.

As a Senior Technical Assurance Manager, across several HMG departments, I worked in the most sensitive law-enforcement and legal/technical policy areas, and was continually required to evidence and demonstrate qualities of strong leadership, integrity, and inclusivity. After ten years in the Operational sphere of HM Customs enforcement activity, I became the Senior Instructor and Policy Manager for Personal Safety, Firearms, and Critical Incident Gold Command training . This role placed me at the heart of Strategic and Tactical decision- making in a changing and occasionally hostile environment. I had to develop, perforce, a wide range of communication skills, in order to effectively engage with senior Civil Servants, Ministers, and Departmental Trade Union officials.

I am the son of a former serving Royal Navy Nuclear Submariner, and am acutely aware of the health hazards and implications of service in the Nuclear Industry. 

My father died young, from a condition which can only have been exacerbated by his exposure to radiation, and this loss has galvanised me to devote time and energy, which I now have in abundance, to the welfare and care of victims and families of others who have suffered a similar fate.

I will bring sincere commitment and motive energy to the charity’s aims and direction, and endeavour to articulate and advocate effectively on behalf of the board, and all its beneficiaries.

I have previously raised money for local charity through various endeavours…most recently a circumnavigation of Iceland by Motorbike in 2018… The organisational skills, and tenacity required in getting people to invest their time, and money (!) which I had to develop, I believe I could bring to promoting the aims and ideals of this vital charity.