Did you know there is practical support available for past members of the armed forces and ex-National Servicemen over 65?

Ex-Forces Support

Ex-Forces Support North Yorkshire provides a range of fully-funded practical, financial and customised support to improve veterans’ lives across the region. This can be anything from a home visit to ensure that you are warm, safe and comfortable over winter, to a handyman service for small jobs around the house, to carers support and advice on grants and benefits. It might also be group activities such as day trips, woodwork, arts sessions and sports groups.

Support is geared to assist you in the way you would like to be assisted, and if we can’t accommodate this, we will work hard to find the organisation who can. Overall we are looking to reduce loneliness and isolation and increase wellbeing.

If you are a veteran, concerned friend, family member or neighbour, please get in touch to talk through your needs.

Give us a call on 01904 704177 to find out more or register your interest. You can also send an email to


Ex-Forces Support North Yorkshire is one of the Projects supported by the Aged Veterans Fund