9-12th August, Telford Hotel & Golf Resort, lronbridge

The BNTVA have announced the dates of their conference and reunion and have provided us with the following information regarding the event.

After much debate about whether to proceed with the BNTVA Conference Reunion 2021, we have finally booked the Conference Reunion for 9-12 August at the Telford Hotel & Golf Resort, lronbridge, Shropshire. However, please be aware that these dates may be subject to change, due to potential future Covid-19 lockdowns.

The reason we have chosen this beautiful hotel is due to its location and proximity to the RAF Museum, at Cosford. The RAF Museum contains an excellent Cold War Hangar, which houses the actual Vickers Valiant XD818, flown by Wing Commander Hubbard OBE DFC. This Valiant dropped Britain”s first live H-bomb (thermo-nuclear fusion device) on 15 May 1957 off Malden Island, with an air burst yielding between 150-200kt; this was codenamed Short Granite. 

On 10 August, the BNTVA will hold a reunion in the RAF Cosford Museum Cold War Hangar. We anticipate a good show of our veterans and their families, and a day of sharing, befriending, and listening to stories of the tests. This event will be attended by MPs, sponsors, representatives from the armed forces community and the press. 

The conference will take place for a full day on 11 August, and feature an array of speakers including a Canberra cloud flyer, who flew through Fallout at both Maralinga and at Christmas Island. We will welcome speakers from academia, indigenous communities from nuclear tests locations, veterans, descendants, veterans, champions, international nuclear tests associations and other interested parties (yet to be confirmed). We will hold a gala dinner in the evening. 

We are working hard on subsidising this conference reunion as much as possible, and hope you are able to keep these dates clear. More information and a booking form will be sent out within the next few weeks.