In 2015 BH Associates were asked to present ideas on the branding for the NCCF. Our brief was to create a brand that represented the nuclear community that invoked a sense of togetherness and that the NCCF where there to help.

I had been designing for the Old BNTVA since 2010 when they became a charity an decided that they needed to tighten up their existing identity. At the time the key methods of communication was the campaign magazine and the website, the work was to re-fresh the existing identity.

I was pleased when we were asked to provide initial visuals for the NCCF as it was a brand new project that we would be involved in from the very start. To be able to build the brand from the ground up and be part of the project was an exciting prospect.

I always start the process of creating a brand by doing a lot of research before we even start to put pen to paper or mouse to screen. Its good to be aware of current trends or even existing charities or companies as we don’t want to duplicate what may already exist. Designers are constantly looking at their surroundings and can subliminally take things in, utilise them in a design and then find it looks very similar to someone else’s identity. 

For the next stage of the process we like to start designing the logo as it’s the main focus of any brand identity. The logo will also focus the identity as any colours, fonts and symbols will likely be implemented in the rest of the brand.

Before presenting anything to the NCCF several logos were created and then I choose 3 or 4 options based on what I think are the strongest ideas and what I think answers the clients brief the best.

NCCF Logo Option 1

Option 1 was a 2 colour yellow and grey logo that featured a hand within a hand image to the left of the logo text. The hand symbolised a holding hands concept, the NCCF would be there to guide you. The Strap-line “Making that Difference” was part of the initial brief and was to feature on all the logo options.

NCCF Logo Option 2

Option 2 was a multicoloured logo that symbolised a group of people huddled together forming the “Nuclear Community”. It was arranged in a stacked and centred format as a different option to the first logo.

NCCF Logo Option 3

Option 3 was a 3 colour logo that again symbolised a group of people representing the Nuclear community that also echoed the trefoil design of the radiation hazard symbol. I wanted to create a simpler version of the second option. 

NCCF Website

At the time my preferred option was the first logo so I went as far as mocking up a website home page on the presentation to the NCCF. But on going through the options they decided that the third option represented the NCCF the best. They had rightly chosen the logo that was more suited to them. It was friendlier and more approachable. This is a crucial part of any branding process, the designer and client must always act as a team to get to the end solution. 

The Selected Logo

Here we see the logo being made to work as a single black option for forms and a reversed version for use on dark backgrounds.  

Selected Logo

The next stage was to expand the brand further and show how the logo would be applied and introduce other brand elements. Once this work approved it was then a matter of working through all of the print and online collateral that the charity needed. 

Creating a brand is always more than just a logo, the whole identity works when all of the elements come together to create something that is memorable, professional and identifiable to the people the NCCF are trying to help.

NCCF printed materials