By Dr Becky Alexis-Martin

Nuclear Families Speakers

The Nuclear Families Project at the University of Southampton has explored wellbeing, mental health, cultural history and nuclear test veteran family culture for two years. During this time, the project has interviewed many people and followed members of the nuclear test veteran community and their life stories.

The Royal Geographical Society Nuclear Families day provided us with a chance to present some of our research, and to catch up with other academics in our field – including Dr Chris Hill of Birmingham City University and Dr Jonathan Hogg and Emily Gibbs, of Liverpool University. The event provided an opportunity for the interested public, academics and members of the nuclear community to gain a deeper understanding of our research Interests.

Dr Johnathan Hogg, University of Liverpool
British nuclear history and culture
Emily Gibbs, University of Liverpool
“I joined CND because of my children”: Nuclear anxiety, activism and the family
Dr Chris Hill, Birmingham City University
The geopolitics of French nuclear tests in the Algerian Sahara
Dr Becky Alexis-Martin, University of Southampton
Nuclear Families, Nuclear Culture

The Nuclear Families Research will be published for peer review by the beginning of 2019 and will then be made available to all members of the nuclear community through the NCCF.