We want to reassure all our beneficiaries that the NCCF will continue to deliver the majority of its services during the measures implemented to manage the impact of this virus on our nation.

Because of the remote working technology that the NCCF uses we are able to continue working without risk of spreading the disease.

Care Wellbeing and Inclusion Fund applications are still being accepted and considered.

Obviously, under current restrictions, we are unable to undertake Independent Living Assessments in person but we will work to identify support that can be provided during the crisis and look to address other areas as soon as we are able to do so.

If you are struggling to manage during the self-isolation or social distancing please contact your local Coronavirus volunteer network. Most councils have linked with volunteer groups and created a network of people able to help locally. You may have already been contacted by them. If you cannot find contact details for your local support call your local council offices or visit their website.

We have published a lot of information in the latest edition of Exposure Magazine relating to the virus to help you through the crisis.