That ISSN number is a clue. The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is a register of published magazines and periodicals used to provide a unique identifier to the publication. In the UK ISSN’s are managed by the British Library.


The British Library London

The British Library London © Iain McGillivray – Shuttersock


The British Library

Every issue of Exposure Magazine is placed with the British Library which serves business and industry, researchers, academics and students, in the UK and worldwide. Each year six million searches are generated by the British Library online catalogue and nearly 400,000 visit their Reading Rooms.

The main building of the British Library is just along Euston Road from St Pancras station. It is the largest public building constructed in the UK during the 20th century with basements extending to a depth of 24.5 metres and a total floor area of over 112,000 sq metres spread over 14 floors – 9 above ground, 5 below. The British Library receives a copy of every publication produced in the UK and Ireland. Their collection includes well over 150 million items, in most known languages with 3 million new items added every year.

Holding manuscripts, maps, newspapers, magazines, prints and drawings, music scores, and patents alongside a Sound Archive of sound recordings from 19th-century cylinders to CD, DVD and MD recordings. The Library also houses some 8 million stamps and other philatelic items.

  • All this requires over 380 miles of shelves, and grows by 7 miles every year!
  • If you read 5 items every day, it would take you over 80,000 years to see the whole of their collection!

The next time you visit London why not make some time to visit this great national treasure house.


The House of Commons Library

Every copy of Exposure is also placed in the House of Commons Library. This independent research and information service gives politically impartial briefings to MPs of all parties and their staff. Their experts publish research and analysis on topical issues and legislation using the resources of the library.

The Library is also ‘open to the public’ through their online presence you can access and read many interesting, topical, factual and unbiased articles.

Insight articles
Insights give timely, need-to-know information on current issues. They get you up to speed quickly and give you an impartial and authoritative take on the latest research and statistics.

Research briefings
These comprehensive, detailed publications give in-depth information, without political bias. Research Briefings cover topical issues and major legislation.

Their interactive dashboards allow you to find statistical data on constituencies and local areas. Covering a range of topics including employment, housing, demographics and election results.

Who writes these briefings?
The House of Commons researchers are experts in a massive range of topics, from international affairs to bees. You can see the topics they cover in the menu on their homepage. Their research team includes economists, lawyers and statisticians and subject specialists.

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