The period of time we have just gone through has been exceptional and as President Macron put it: ”We are at war”!!! This is a war that we can neither see nor smell nor hear.

How strange! It reminds me of the words we use when we are talking about the struggle of all our veterans who are also fighting a war that we experienced on the testing sites of Sahara and French Polynesia from 1960 to 1998.

This war was not called “COVID 19”, but “Nuclear testing 60/98”.

Since March 15th our country has been under lockdown, professional activity (with the exception of health staff to whom I would like to pay tribute here), political activity and the activities of the associations came to stop and our economy has collapsed!!

Faced with this exceptional situation, we had to make an exceptional decision for our association: we had to cancel our General Annual Meeting that was scheduled for October in Troyes.

Over the whole period of lockdown we remained on alert and our struggle went on. Thanks to a collective action, we could have our senators ban article 13, an article that would have removed the consultative commission in charge of the expansion of the list of recognized illnesses.

Then we were able to once more question our MPs and senators after the proposal of an amendment had been deliberately slipped into a debate on Covid 19. This amendment would have prevented the modification of article 232 of the law of December 28th 2018 that made it more difficult for veterans to retroactively be eligible for compensation. 

Following those various attempts to undermine the rights of our veterans, we issued a press release to express our discontent.

The award of a medal is still a topical and recurring issue. The decree of application is still stuck on second reading, which is why we wrote a letter to the MOD lately in a bid to speed up the process.

I am particularly determined to call for a straightforward and frank recognition of our widows and our offspring. This is a matter of dignity. 

This is an ambitious, but concrete project. How should widows who have shared the suffering of a husband, suffered the loss of their loved one and had to raise the children alone under serious financial difficulties not be recognized ?

Jean-Louis CAMUZAT – AVEN President