Obsiven Paris Meeting
Left to right: Jean-Claude Kouyoumdjian, Nigel Heaps MBE, Jean-Luc Sans, our brilliant translator, Keith Kiefer and finally Jean-François Grenot

Since our last edition, the OBSIVEN organisation has undergone a significant organisational change. At a meeting in Paris on the 25th May this year; Jean-Luc Sans, Jean-Claude Kouyoumdjian, Jean-François Grenot, Keith Kiefer and Nigel Heaps developed the idea they had discussed at the previous years AVEN AG and it was decided to constitute the OBSIVEN movement as an international charity based in the United Kingdom.

The Constitution, Codes of Conduct and all other necessary documentation have now been completed and the charity registration documents have been submitted.

The aims of International Observatory of Persons Affected by Radiological and Chemical Agents Damaging to Health (OBSIVEN) are:

  • To deliver education, research and support activities to ease suffering, increase health, wellbeing and enhance social inclusion of the International Radiological and Chemical Agents Survivor Community. This community is formed of people who may have encountered potential clastogenic exposure of radiological or chemical agents, their spouses and offspring.
  • To conduct or promote research into the causes and effects and treatment of such clastogenic exposure and to disseminate the results of such research.
  • To provide a communications network to disseminate information and promote discussion throughout the International Radiological and Chemical Agents Survivor Community and to wider international communities.

Full details of the OBSIVEN structure and membership criteria will be provided to groups representing nuclear, chemical and biological survivor communities across the world.

OBSIVEN will be fully represented at both the American NAAV 40th Annual convention in Ohio, USA between the 11th and 13th September and at the French AVEN AG in MAUGES SUR LOIRE on 28th and 29th September.

Developments and information from the OBSIVEN movement will be covered by Exposure magazine as part of our commitment to increase wellbeing by sharing advancements in our international community.