Who would believe that a year has passed since the CHRC was established? In this first year much of the team’s effort has focussed on the design and ongoing delivery of new research projects in key discipline areas, the development and implementation of management protocols and procedures and, the promotion of our work to scientific and nuclear test veteran communities. 

For instance we have participated in various scientific and public engagement events gaining new knowledge on the latest scientific developments pertinent to the nuclear community and gaining a richer insight of the questions from members of the community and gaps in understanding. 

These included small networking meetings as part of future research development and, participation at key national and international meetings such as the US Radiation Research Society held in Chicago in September (please see the www.radres.org/mpage/CRH2018Home website for details). 

At this meeting progress on the US Million Person Study was discussed. This is a very large study designed to explore various questions, such as the health of US radiation workers that includes a large group of US atomic veterans. When the scientists publish their work, CHRC will compile accessible reviews for www.chrc4veterans.uk with the aim of summarising their findings and, of course will make this information available to you all through future editions of Exposure. 

We are particularly pleased to highlight the shared focus of our multi-disciplinary specialists and early career researchers in integrating and developing research around your community. 

As part of this we are introducing various members and their projects to you as part of ‘Meet the team’. In this issue, PhD student Amy Prescott provides more depth into the background and scope of her project which is exploring ‘Community approaches to promote the wellbeing of British Nuclear Test Veterans and their families’. If you would like to be involved with this project or would like to simply know more, please contact CHRC using the details in the Sport Culture and Wellbeing article. 

Also in this issue is an update on the progress of the Genetic and Cytogenetic Study. Alex Perry’s article also provides more background information to the project for those not yet familiar with the scope of this work. This research could not happen without all of our participants and we would like to thank all of those families who are already taking part. As a reminder, participation is through an invitation letter that we (the study team) send to you via your GP. We encourage all those who do receive such a letter from your GP to contact the study team VETS@LSHTM.AC.UK for more information.

Over the Christmas period and leading up to the festive season there may be delays in responding to your emails and phone calls.  Please note: anyone contacting us regarding the projects ‘Exposure Worry’ or ‘Sport, culture & Wellbeing’, your messages will be passed onto the relevant researcher.

Our offices will be closing for Christmas and New Year from 21st December until the 4th January 2019. If you don’t hear from us before this time a member of the team will contact you in the New Year.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to thank you all for your support throughout the year.