Since the beginning of this year, we have continued to make progress on all of our research projects.

Many of you are interested in the Genetic and Cytogenetic Study in particular, and I am pleased to report that our laboratories at both Brunel University London and Leicester University continue to be very busy with the receipt, processing and analysis of the blood samples received from families who have been recruited onto the study. We wish to continue this good progress and encourage all those who have been recruited to the study and, who have been sent a blood sampling pack to take to their GP, to do so as timely as they can.     

We continue with our ‘Meet the team’ feature to introduce our researchers and the work they are carrying out. In this issue PhD student Finlay Smith provides an overview of his research project which is examining the effects of combined exposures to radiation and chemicals at a cellular level. One question he is asking is whether the combined exposure to multiple agents is potentially more hazardous than exposure to individual agents. This project has relevance for a variety of potential exposure scenarios including nuclear test veterans who may have been exposed to toxic chemicals in addition to possible exposure to ionising radiation during their military service.

George Collett thanks everyone who has completed and returned their ‘exposure worry’ questionnaires. He invites the study participants to build on this research by taking part in a brain functioning study, which will involve short questionnaires and a brief assessment conducted over the telephone. 

Amy Prescott greatly appreciates the contributions of veterans who participated in the telephone interviews for her wellbeing project. Amy will be following up on this research by speaking with veterans face-to-face. Letters will be sent out soon to study participants in order to schedule these interviews.