The Centre for Health Effects of Radiological and Chemical Agents has produced a report on the first year of operations.

The CHRC was established in September 2017 so much of the team’s effort through 2017/18 has focussed on the recruitment and training of new staff and students, the design and ongoing delivery of new research projects in key discipline areas, the development and effective implementation of management protocols and procedures and, the promotion of our work to scientific and nuclear test veteran communities. We give an account of our progress in all areas in this Annual Report. 

CHRC 1st Year Report

We are particularly pleased to highlight the shared focus of our multi-disciplinary specialists and early career researchers in integrating and building research capacity around this community of aged test veteran and their families.

Over the course of 2017/18 we have had the opportunity to better understand the beliefs and unanswered questions held by many in the nuclear test veteran community. 

The challenge moving forward will be to more effectively share the many scientific uncertainties and, the many scientific advances which have been made in understanding radiation health effects, particularly at low radiation doses.

Dr Rhona Anderson
Director, CHRC

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