For those of you are attending the BNTVA Conference today we wish you a safe journey and a great day.

CWI Leaflet

Please keep an eye out for our leaflet that will be in your welcome pack for the conference. It contains information on the Care Wellbeing and Inclusion Fund and if you need assistance on how to get in contact with us.

If you would like an application form contact us at:
email: or Telephone: 0115 8883442 or visit

If you still haven’t subscribed to exposure magazine then the reverse of the leaflet gives you all the information to get in touch with us. Email: or telephone 0115 8883442 to subscribe.

We would like to thank the BNTVA for including our leaflet in the welcome pack. It’s important that the work of the NCCF reaches as many people as possible. If for any reason your pack doesn’t contain our leaflet then just ask one of the BNTVA board for a copy. We sent plenty of copies so there will be spares lying around.

Have a great conference – The NCCF