At the end of February, some of you may have noticed the NCCF web services running slower than usual or even becoming unobtainable for a while. This was all in a good cause as BH Associates were busy migrating our web services to a new host provider.

All the NCCF and Exposure Magazine web services are now hosted with with a new provider who offer some of the fastest most reliable and secure hosting available in the UK. The new provider is also committed to protecting our environment for future generations. They are a proud partner of, a leading organisation in the battle against global climate change. 

Since 2007, they have supported their reforestation efforts and continued development of clean, renewable sources of energy. They have also implemented a number of their own green policies like employee telecommuting practices and the re-use of older hardware.

If you were inconvenienced by the occasional outage of our service we do apologise but hope you enjoy the huge improvements in speed and accessibility the move has provided.

Exposure Online
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