We have prepared educational, online resources for the CHRC website called “Basic Facts” for all stakeholders, including members of the nuclear test veteran community, students and health professionals who would like to know more about the science which underpins our research https://chrc4veterans.uk/knowledge-hub-basic-facts/.

These resources contain key information which will be useful in understanding the specialist research publications which will arise as outcomes from CHRC research. Each Basic Fact has an interactive structure so that the user can be in control of their own learning experience. 

Some of these Basic Facts contain brief animations which have been prepared by Digital Design students at Brunel University London.

Animation Example 1:
An alpha particle transferring energy to chromatin
Animation Example 2:
An alpha particle damaging DNA

At present there are five Basic Facts:

  1. Ionising Radiation: contains introductory information about the type of energy that is commonly referred to as ‘radiation’ whose effects we are investigating.
  2. Cellular Effects: considers the changes that ionising radiation can cause to cells and to the DNA within cells and about how the cell can respond to these changes.
  3. Dosimetry: describes the different ways that scientists can estimate the dose of ionising radiation that an individual has received.
  4. Epidemiology: introduces a science which investigates whether there is a relationship between a variable such as ionising radiation and a health outcome such as heart disease for a given group of people.
  5. Confounders: describes how variables which scientists are not investigating in a given epidemiology study have the potential to affect the study results and how scientists deal with these confounding variables.

Each Basic Fact contains a “Further Information” section which will enable the user to add to their learning. In addition, we intend to add more Basic Facts to the CHRC website over the course of the year. We trust that you find these Basic Facts to be interesting, informative and useful for understanding our research. Please provide us with feedback and any suggestions that you may have for additional Basic Facts so that we can provide you with the scientific information that you need.