Virtual Museum the virtual museum for the nuclear community opens new exhibitions and galleries. To mark the two most recent remembrance project events our virtual museum has opened three new exhibition featuring nuclear veteran memorials, Two galleries of audio and images along with a document library.

A revamped ‘museum guide’ has also been created, helping you find your way around the museum as it continues to grow.

The Bernard Wolfe Gallery features images taken by Bernard during Operation Buffalo.

Virtual Museum

The Gordon Murray collection is a series of three audio artworks that that juxtaposition the experiences of veterans and their offspring and create an immersive environment giving the listener a glimpse into the nuclear community. We have published an article from Gordon about the collection.

The exhibitions based on each of the nuclear veteran memorials we refurbish and rededicate continue to grow. 

If you have any connection to a memorial we feature and would like to submit pictures or your memories we would really like to get them in the museum. Just email

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