A safe community to support your mental health 24/7
Connect with others experiencing similar feelings 
Feel safe trained professionals are always on hand
Stay anonymous we protect everyone’s identity within the community
Get results research shows that our tools, courses and resources help

Togetherall is an online peer support network available on any internet browser. Members can anonymously connect with others in a safe and judgment-free space. The platform is monitored 24/7 by trained professionals and has a wide range of self-help tools and resources. Togetherall is widely commissioned in the NHS and by local authorities, employers, universities, and the Armed Forces. 

NCCF Community members are able to access Togetherall services by registering as “Part of the UK Armed Forces Community.” Membership is free and is open to Veterans and their Family members.

Join a supportive, anonymous community that understands 
Togetherall is a safe and inclusive space where members can connect with others and feel supported. Serving personnel, veterans and family members of the military can post, read the posts of others, or offer support within the Togetherall community. There’s no judgment or stigma. They can also join a smaller, dedicated space specifically designed for military members, veterans, personnel, and their family members to create meaningful and deeper connections around topics that are important to them.

Being anonymous is a godsend. I feel like I can truly write down what I’m thinking without judgement or stigma.

I was always the strong one, but when I was signed off with work-related stress, I thought I was a failure. On logging in to Togetherall, I wasn’t alone anymore. I’ve been using it for a year now, and I’m recovering and back at work. I’m truly grateful for Togetherall.

Togetherall has a wealth of practical wellbeing tools and resources. Togetherall’s online programmes are evidence-based courses. These courses are designed to help people manage a variety of mental health difficulties and improve their health and wellbeing at a pace which suits them. There are also courses available that support members with their self-development, such as assertiveness training and managing procrastination.

The members on here are amazing. I’ve realised I’m not alone and actually helping others in my position makes me feel like I have something to give.

Using the Courses?
Courses are available to all members of Togetherall, you can join a course at any time and can take as many as you like (although it’s recommended to do one at a time). Within each course, there are a variety of tools available which help you get the most out of each course.

On good days I can support others. On bad days, when I need support, I can find information to understand how to deal with it.

Course Talk-about – A community space within each course where group members can support one another, exchange hints and tips and discuss topics relevant to the course. Printable worksheets – A selection of templates members can use to self-monitor and complete tasks. Goal-Setter – A tool members can use to create, save and review goals. Journal – A private space which allows time for reflection

Feeling isolated? 53% of members who felt isolated before they joined Togetherall, felt less isolated after using the platform.

What courses are available?

• Mental Health & Wellbeing Courses
–  Managing Depression
–  Managing Health Anxiety
–  Managing Panic
–  Managing Social Anxiety
–  Managing Stress & Worry
–  Managing Phobias
–  Managing OCD
–  Managing Self-harm
–  Managing Anger
–  Improve Your Sleep
–  Veterans’ Grief & Loss
–  Veterans’ PTSD

• Healthy Lifestyle Courses
–  Quit Smoking
–  Cut Down Your Drinking

• Self-development Courses
–  Problem-Solving
–  Assertiveness Training
–  Balance Your Thinking
–  Stop Procrastinating