Jeff Liddiatt, Hon. Life President of the Nuclear Community Charity Fund has been appointed to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire as a Member of the Civil Division for his service to Nuclear Test Veterans and the community in Bristol in the first New Years Honours bestowed by The KING.

On the 20th April 2023 Jeff attended Buckingham Palace in the company of his wife and family where he was invested into the Civil Division of the Order of the British Empire by the Princess Royal.

We are extremely proud to work with Jeff and to see his amazing career of charitable service being recognised by The KING.

In 1985 Jeff joined the British Nuclear Test Veteran Association (BNVTA) at the time it was an organisation without a clear purpose drifting between old comrades, demand for recognition and protest. With Jeff’s sustained vision of moving the organisation to charitable works through sheer effort and force of will, he made a difference and fostered a sea change which directly helped the BNTVA become a caring supportive registered charity focussed on its beneficiaries’ needs and aspirations.

In 1997 Jeff began editing the BNTVA Newsletter and in 2002 he worked to evolve the publication into the organisation’s Campaign magazine managing the editorial role he increased the scope and quality of the production which was to become the key communication medium within the community. As testimony to the standards and innovation that Jeff drove forward Campaign magazine remains in print today.

During 2009 Jeff became the BNTVA National Secretary, taking an active lead in negotiations to achieve the recognition of Parliament of the contribution of our Nuclear Test Veterans to the safety of the nation and for the provision of support to the community of veterans and their families. Working closely with Nigel Heaps MBE and John Baron MP a campaign was delivered which resulted in formal recognition by the Prime Minister on the 2nd July 2014 in a statement to the house.

A testament to Jeff’s commitment for selfless action cannot be better illustrated than in his determination not to let his considerable health issues interfere with the delivery of the BNTVA Campaign. A couple of hours after hosting a special screening of a documentary about the British Nuclear Community for Members of Parliament at Portcullis House, Jeff suffered a heart attack and slight stroke. He was rushed into St Thomas’ Hospital but within five days he had returned home and was on the phone discussing the next stages of the campaign with his colleagues.

Between 2010 and 2016 Jeff championed the cause of the Nuclear Community and its veterans, forging links with other charities like the Royal British Legion and SSAFA alongside international organisations like the French Association des vétérans des essais nucléaires. He negotiated the recognition of the BNTVA within the United Nations where full consultative status was achieved. Jeff was instrumental in the subsequent negotiations with the Treasury and Ministry of Defence to establish a fund to reduce suffering and increase well-being amongst the British Nuclear Survivor Community which ultimately lead to the creation of the Nuclear Community Charity Fund.

The pinnacle of Jeff’s time with the BNTVA came when as Chairman he was invited by the French Veterans to a ceremony rekindling the eternal flame on the tomb of the unknown soldier at the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile in Paris. On the 2nd of July 2017 the honour bestowed upon Jeff as leader of the British Nuclear Veterans and in recognition of his work uniting nuclear veterans worldwide was hugely significant as the only other Britons given this honour have been Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Ministers; Winston Churchill, Antony Eden, Howard McMillan and Tony Blair.

Exposure covered this event

Former BNTVA & NCCF Chairman Jeff Liddiatt with other dignitaries at the Arc de Triomphe
Jeff and Annette Liddiatt
Jeffs MBE

Jeff left the service of the BNTVA in 2018 having successfully managed the creation of the Nuclear Community Charity Fund for which he became the first Chairman. Managing almost £6 million in funds Jeff was the first Chairman of the organisation and using his persuasive, resourceful nature he ensured the organisation was safely guided to create all the necessary functions needed to address its role with sustainable empathy for the needs of the beneficiary community.

Standing down from the chair position in 2019 Jeff undertook the treasurer’s role managing the move of the charity finances to the ethical Charities Aid Foundation Bank further promoting his commitment to sustainable ethical impact. On the 31st of May 2020, Jeff finally retired as an active trustee of the NCCF and was made the very first honorary Life President of the organisation. Jeff remains a trusted and admired ambassador for the work of the NCCF within the nuclear community.

Jeff also made a significant contribution to the development of the Centre for the Health Effects of Radiological and Chemical Agents at Brunel University London (CHRC), from negotiating almost £1 million in funding to developing and advising the ongoing activities of the CHRC.

Appointed to the Chairmanship of the Advisory Board for the CHRC Jeff continues to provide peerless supportive shepherding of the Board, skilfully blending the needs of the scientific communities with those of the beneficiaries and he enjoys respect and admiration from all members of the board.

Outside the Nuclear Survivor Community Jeff has been active within various Healthcare organisations between 1998 and 2018. In 1998 Jeff became Chairman of the Avon Ambulance Patient and Public Initiative. This merged into the Great Western Ambulance PPI in 2001 and Jeff was asked to retain the chairmanship. 

In 2014 Jeff was appointed as the Public Governor for Somerset to the South West Ambulance Foundation Trust at which he served two terms until 2017. He also sat on the ‘OneCare’ health committee for North Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire and was Chairman of the Patient Participation Group of the Harbourside Family Practise between 2013 and 2018. Throughout his time within this sphere, he made significant contributions to the development and provision of patient-centric services whilst maintaining the budgetary constraints of public services.

Jeff was made the first Honorary Life Member and President of the NCCF in June 2020 and continues to serve to this day.

The Trustees and all associated with the NCCF, CHRC and BNTVA offer our most heartfelt congratulations to Jeff for receiving this great honour.