Terry Brown wrote to exposure magazine to see if anyone has memories of the sailing club on Christmas Island.

Sailing Club
Christmas Island Sailing Club 1957

Dear Sirs,

I thought that this photograph it might be of some interest, and bring back some happy memories of leisure time spent at the Christmas Island sailing club in the year 1957, during operation Grapple the pacific British nuclear H-bomb tests, where I Served for a year as a Cpl Terry Brown in the supply trade.

I can’t remember all the people on the photograph, only the two who are situated in the front row. Myself, seated next to Flying Officer Brian Hughes, and next to him standing is S.A.C. Sam Musgrove.

Maybe this photo will help jog the memories of the other veterans who served at Christmas Island.

If anyone recognises any of the people let us know by emailing editor@exposure.press and we will pass your details onto Terry.