Gary Bennett donates nuclear veteran art to CHRC to inspire students with the human story behind their studies

Rhona and Jeff

Dr Rhona Anderson – ‘Genetic and Cytogenetic’ Study & CHRC Director
with Jeff Liddiatt – Chairman NCCF


Official Artist to the Nuclear Community Gary Bennett has presented one of his thought-provoking pieces of fine art to the Centre for the Health Effects of Radiological and Chemical Agents.

On the 26th April 2018 Jeff Liddiatt, Chairman of the NCCF, presented the piece to Dr Rhona Anderson, Director of the CHRC. 

The artwork is now proudly displayed in the CHRC offices of the Heinz Wolff building on the Brunel campus.

Jeff said, “This is a fitting tribute linking art and science, Gary’s work formed the core of the exhibition that was used as part of the campaign that led not only to the recognition of the contribution of our Nuclear Veterans to world peace but, also to the funding and creation of the NCCF.”

Gary‘s reputation in the world of military-related fine art continues to grow, heavily involved in the Sayle Gallery on the Isle of Man he has also exhibited with the prestigious Armed Forces Arts Society.

Starting with his work in support of the BNTVA Recognition Campaign Gary has been a stalwart supporter of the nuclear community and the Nuclear Community Charity Fund are privileged to have his support.